OK Magazine 0371

OK Magazine 0371

Magazine is in very good condition


2 pages KYM MARSH (Kym Marsh's Italian Job)
7 pages LIBERTY X (Join the sexy group in Monaco and discover they're enjoying their glam lifestyle just a little) 2 1/2 pages RACHEL STEVENS (The sexy singer is now going solo but still seeing double when it comes to love) 8 pages JORDAN AND HARVEY (the glamour girl reveals dramatic improvements in her son's sight and her plans to adopt in Mexico) 1 page ANGELA GRIFFIN & LISA FAULKNER (advertisement with interview for Herbal Essencers Colour) 6 pages PRINCE WILLIAM (On the eve of her 21st birthday - intimate pictures and candid words revealing the remarkable rise of our prince charming) 5 1/2 pages DAVID BECKHAM AND VICTORIA BECKHAM (as Beckham mania sweeps the globa the family become the star attractions in Disneyland) 4 pages ZOIE KENNEDY AND MICHELLE HARDWICK (The royal ladies) 3 pages PATSY PALMER

Model: 1407